Gabe brings a unique blend of experiences into the counseling office. He’s spent a significant amount of time in the past decade working with the following demographics: men (men’s pastor), women (counselor at a women’s medical clinic) children (children’s pastor), and teenagers (high school football and wrestling coach).  Serving in each of these roles has allowed Gabe to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and pressures people of all ages face. He’s effectively counseled children as young as seven and adults as old as seventy. No matter the age of the client, his desire is to help one find wholeness, freedom, and life as it was meant to be.

Gabe graduated with a Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and was honored to be named the “Most Outstanding Graduate Student.” He’s currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, and the author of the book,  Deep Waters.

Gabe and his wife, Ashley, have three children: Avery, Sophie, and Owen. They can usually be found hiking in the mountains, playing soccer in the backyard, or eating at their favorite restaurant: Chipotle.