Individual Counseling

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like you want to move forward in a healthy manner but you’re not quite sure how to make it happen? Maybe there is one particular issue that keeps surfacing…Or, maybe you sense something is not quite right within. What do you do about it? How do you make the right changes to ensure the right results? Scheduling an individual session with Gabe is a great first step. Gabe will provide a safe place for you to begin to explore answers together.  An investment into your well being now can lead to years of future blessing.

Marriage Counseling

It’s easy to arrive at a stalemate in marriage. The husband has one perspective, and the wife has an entirely different view of things.   Whether it’s a loss of trust due to infidelity, resentment from prolonged disagreement, or a hopeless feeling that things will never change, Gabe believes that every marriage is worth fighting for.  With a commitment to listen and understand each side of the story, Gabe seeks to help a couple move in the direction of reconciliation, healing, and unity.

Family Counseling

Gabe’s experience working with men, women, children, and teenagers has proven to be a valuable asset in family counseling. With an ability to connect with and understand each member of the family, Gabe works to bring the family to a place of unity and togetherness.

Reaching out for help for family counseling can be an act of great leadership by the parents. It’s not at all an indicator of failure. Every family faces a unique set of challenges and circumstances, and often times an outside perspective is extremely valuable.

 Counseling Issues

Addiction (Sexual, Drug, and Alcohol)
Marriage and Family
Adolescents  (Specialty: Anger, Destructive Behaviors, Post Divorce Issues, etc.)
Sports Psychology
Spiritual Issues
…Or…An overall feeling that you’re “stuck” in life.

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